i spent many years in neverland, home of the lost boys. and they all share the same look in their eyes. the look you get when you’ve been left alone. love has been all too rare in your life, hasn’t it?


Clint Barton as Hawkeye in A+X (2012) #3

"Especially when America’s most handsome and sixth-favorite Avenger gets to her first!”

i sure am a sappy romantic for being aromantic

22 Aug   2 notes


if you’re cis and you don’t always like being the gender people say you are, that makes sense, because gender is necessarily a rigid and imperfect way of categorizing people. but instead of thinking you have to just deal with it and accept your assigned gender, have you considered: don’t do that. gender is a fake as hell imposition and you don’t have to obey it. follow your gay little heart to greener and freer pastures


people who say ”romantic love is what makes you human!!!!” are actually right. aromantic people are, in fact, gods in disguise, traveling in the human world to observe and study the humans and their weakpoints, in order to eventually eliminate them all and take over their world