when you say something then get an ask and they’re bitching at you but what they’re saying proves they didn’t actually read what you said


Do you think that should go for epilepsy too? Because I always agonize over whether “tw: epilepsy” or something like “cw: epilepsy” / “epileptic content” is more appropriate. I’d like your thoughts.

i do #flashing gif

because that seems to work for everyone, is easy to remember, and is a bit wider range

if i ever had to go to a couples something or other and i had to bring someone, i’d probably just show up with a life-size cutout of thor

relative: so, are you dating anyone?
me: yeah, actually! want to see them?
relative: sure!
relative: why are you starting up a video game

tumblr co-opting ‘triggers’ really pisses me off because you get a bunch of teenagers claiming that something that makes them various levels of uncomfortable is a trigger. like, no, thank you, triggers are something that people with PTSD have that triggers a flashback to the traumatic situation(s) they’ve been through. no matter how gross you find something it doesn’t trigger you unless you have PTSD and it causes a flashback. so stop tagging ‘triggers’ and tag content. unless you get someone with actual PTSD who needs a trigger tagged so they don’t have a flashback.

punkukulele: hello!! just thought I'd send in a greeting :) I'm Hannah


for having such a giant ego i suck at taking compliments